agosto 28, 2015

Ambiethernum on LA VARITA MAGICA

Ambiethernum was played on La Varita Mágica 88.8 radio, a radio space dedicated to natural therapies, health, love, awareness and awakening. This program was dedicated about the soul and life after death . Listen to the show (in Spanish) here. Know more about La Varita Marita Magica (The Magic Wand) hosted by Pilar Lluch here

agosto 23, 2015


Music from the album Ambiethernum (revisited) is been aired in the Peaceful Radio show hosted by Benno Veugen. Listen to Peaceful Radio here. Peaceful Music for a Peaceful Mind

agosto 20, 2015

1.000 listenings on JAMENDO

More than 1.000 listenings in almost two months of my album Ambiethernum (revisited) on Jamendo. Remember this album is freely downloadable. What are you waiting for? /// Mas de 1.000 escuchas en casi dos meses de mi album Ambiethernum (revisited) en Jamendo. Recuerda que este album se puede descargar gratuitamente. A que esperas?

agosto 13, 2015


Ambiethernum featured on the Journeyscapes podcast and Journeyscapes Radio, hosted by Candice Lakmichi. Journeyscapes features an otherworldly selection of ambient, chillout and ethereal music. Let yourself be transported to exotic lands, cosmic planes and oceanic realms. Live 365 / Mixcloud / Facebook

agosto 11, 2015


Psicodreamics, aka. Salva Moreno, is a master when it comes to atmospheres. On Ambiethernum (revisited) he has collected 13 of his best ambient space music songs. The collection may serve as an introduction to the musical world of Psicodreamics. It is currently available for free on Bandcamp. If that is not a great deal, I don’t know what is.

agosto 07, 2015


The tracks Forest Heartbeat and Unicorn's Dream from the new album Ambiethernum (revisited) included on the last syndae podcast hosted by Stefan Schulz. Listen to the show from this link. syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music.

agosto 06, 2015


The album AMBIETHERNUM (revisited) just available FREELY at my BANDCAMP site from the link below. You can listen to the entire album from the embeded player below and/or download it totally free from my Bandcamp site here. If you like the album, please share the link with your friends and family. I would also appreciate any kind comment or little review about it. And remember, this album is an special compilation of my best ambient-atmospheric-space music and it's NOW FREE!.